#54 Connor Arrasmtih
/Defensive End/Tight End, Des Moines, Iowa, Grand View Park Baptist
2012 Junior Season Football Highlight Video
Class of 2014




Connor Arrasmith: Versatile Baller is Prospect on the Move Up

Line him up anywhere and Connor Arrasmith will deliver for you: for the last three years that is exactly what the 6-2, 230 lbs. senior-to-be has been doing for the Grandview Park Baptist Defenders.

Arrasmith is the first football player in school history to start as a freshman. He primarily lines up on defense as a DE, but at times he will play from the LB spot. He totaled 81 tackles in 2012. On offense Arrasmith is a sure-handed TE and you will also, oftentimes, find him lining up in the backfield as a running back. Yet that is how things are when you are a big talented athlete playing on a eight man football team.  Accordingly, playing eight man football will be the rub Arrasmith will need to brush off as he seeks to play big time college football.

Arrasmith has the size, base skills sets, and more importantly—the smarts—to develop into a good college football player. It’s just yet to be determined on what side of the ball the versatile baller will make the best fit.

William Cummings, General Manager